If you’re using pro tools, I'd love the tracks in this order from top to bottom, and tracks color coded. If you’re not using pro tools, then please number the beginning of each file name (01, 02, 03, >) so they will drop into pro tools in this order.

Please keep all plugins active in the pro tools session, and do no commit everything. Ideally, I’d prefer to start exactly where you left off on the production.

Drums (Dark Blue):

Kick, snare, hat, toms, overheads, room, etc

Electronic Drums (Light blue)

Percussion (Lighter blue)

Bass (brown)

Synth Bass (Purple)

Guitars (Green)

When possible, please combine multiple mics/amps for each part.  I don't love dealing 4 tracks for one guitar part if it's not really necessary.  If there's panning, or different treatments for each track, then it's fine.

Synths/Keys (Light Blue)

SFX/Transition FX (Pink)

Vocals (RED)

Background Vocals (Dark Red)

Vocal FX (Darker Pink/lighter Purple)

Also order tracks in the order that they appear in the song.  For example, a synth part is in the intro, so it would be the first synth track, and then a new synth comes in for the verse would be next, then a new one for the chorus.  This would save me a bunch of time!

All aux returns should come after the tracks that are sending to them.  Fx returns and master at the bottom/far right of the session.  Please also have the latest rough as the last track in the session.