Universal Audio Blue Stripe 1176

Neve 31102 (x2)

Universal Audio 6176

Chandler TG1

Manley Massive Passive

SSL G Compressor


DBX 160 Vu’s

Altec 1612B Limiter

Avedis MA5

BAE Vintage API 312

Wunder PEQ2R

Pro Tools HD with Avid HDio AD/DA, and C24

All UAD, Waves, FabFilter, Sound Toys, McDSP plugins, and way too many more to list

Monitoring:   Yamaha NS10, Focal SM9, Genelec 1032, ProAc Studio 100, Tannoy Mastering Lab Super Gold

Microphones:  Blue Bottle with B6 and B7, Blue Kiwi, Shure SM7, Neumann TLM103